Places You Might Not Want To Fly

Here’s an interesting article and illustrations that showed up in my news feed yesterday.

In addition to the map … and the unusual graphic illustration of just how extensive candidate’s campaigns have come to be in today’s political world. you will like the paragraph explaining simply how ‘air miles” differ from “Statute miles” which is what we commonly think of when we say “a mile”

Your Aviation Tip for the Evening: Stay Out of Iowa!

I mentioned several days ago the impressive phenomenon of “VIP TFRs” — nearly 3750- square-mile* “temporary flight restrictions,” or no-fly zones, usually for the president — that pop up around the country when POTUS or another dignitary is on the move. From the map of current and upcoming TFRs provided by the FAA, see if you can guess where President Obama is doing his campaigning this week. And, before you ask, these TFRs are not an Obama-era innovation but one more feature of the post-9/11/2001 years.**

…* How I come up with “nearly 3750” square miles: The TFRs are usually defined with a radius of 30 nautical miles. A nautical mile = approx 1.15 “normal” statute miles, so 30nm is 34.5 regular miles. The area of that no-fly circle would thus be pi*r^2, or 3.14*34.5^2, or about 3740 square miles. …


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